Small loan without Private credit

7,500 Euro small loan without Private credit - salary statement

Would you like to get informed about a small loan without Private credit without risk? Feel overwhelmed by the flood of advertising. You expect facts and not unsustainable promises of salvation? Then you are exactly right here.

We present you in detail the “Private credit swiss credit” of the present. Incidentally, since 2009, he is no longer from Switzerland. Learn in detail what is important to avoid traps. Who awards the loan, application conditions and also, if and which alternatives are possible.

Small loan without Private credit – Swiss Credit

Private credit can look back on a long history. One of the first loan offers was the homebuyer credit without credit rating. It is precisely this credit model that haunts the minds of people to this day. Unfortunately, the nostalgic knowledge has nothing to do with real microcredit without Private credit. The present offers do not even come from Switzerland anymore.

In 2009, the highest German court drew a line under the “classic” Swiss credit. Rules under German law apply to Private credit foreign credit to Germans resident in Germany. Not every foreign bank that does not cooperate with the Private credit is still allowed to offer the loan today.

Current offer – which bank?


Under current law, private individuals from Germany are allowed to lend their money free of any schafah. However, not on the recognized loan portals. All credit portals and banks from Germany work together with the Private credit. You should offer at most a small loan despite Private credit. For a foreign bank to enter the gap, it must qualify separately for it.

As far as our research shows, there is currently only one foreign bank, the Germans may offer legal Private credit credit. It is called “Sigma Credit bank” and has been active since 2010. Lending is basically governed by international law. Where the legal requirements for loans to Germany are taken into account.

The bank offers only small loans without Private credit, which means that Private credit is neither used for credit checks nor approved Private credit.

Small loans without Private credit – advertising

The advertising for Private credit unfortunately still shows a “dazzling” representation of what is possible without Private credit. It does not matter which search query Google answers, a credit without Private credit is always there. Whether to buy a car, even 100,000 euros without Private credit can be found – in advertising – and unfortunately only there.

The purpose of the often daring slogans for the small loan without Private credit is to generate applications. The truth of the claims suffers. In other words, most of the well-sounding sayings are “half-truths” or simply lied. Precisely for this reason, the Private creditfreie credit in Germany enjoys such a bad reputation.

Incidentally, it is not the bank that scatters unsustainable slogans, but always mediators. But, it is no wonder, if fooled applicants, later do not leave a good hair on Private credit foreign credit for Germans.

Applications at any price – why

Most borrowers do not know that they can apply for their small loan without Private credit directly from Sigma  Credit bank. Instead, they allow themselves to be seduced by advertising. The infinitely many slogans are usually switched by credit intermediaries. Your goal does not necessarily have to be the brokering of Private credit. The low approval rate speaks against it even for cost reasons.

But being unable to qualify for a loan does not mean “inactivity” in all areas. Other financial products for which the broker receives commission can even be sold to overindebted people. Of course, this includes insurance, as well as old-age provision or more or less risky savings contracts. In addition, credit cards and much more.

The bottom line is that the chances of getting even a small loan without Private credit actually worsened by the deals.

Evil Trap – Consultancy Contract

The legislator sets clear guidelines under which conditions brokers receive a commission. The obligation to pay commission is always linked to the success of the agency contract. If the mediation does not work or the applicant decides otherwise, the commission will be canceled. Reason enough for wheelwrights to look for lucrative “ways out”.

One possibility is to present a consultancy contract instead of a mere agency contract. Which name the “good piece” carries, is left to the imagination. Only one thing is certain, § 655 BGB is annulled. Through the consulting contract, for example, a “contract for debt restructuring”, the consultant is free to demand a fee. Regardless of whether he succeeds or not.

Our advice – credit intermediation exclusively online

If the small loan without Private credit to be taken over a mediator, then exclusively online. No complicated contracts are necessary for this. Meanwhile, the bank even pays directly – without charging the borrower – the agency commission. It is enough to mention in the loan application the name of the “helpful agent”.

Since there is only a legal offer anyway, the task of the mediator is only to examine the credit opportunities. For this purpose, neither a home visit is necessary nor can the mediator influence the decision of the bank. In the advertising promised fast loan without Private credit, which, by the way, there is not. Neither directly nor via intermediaries.

As a precaution, we advise you to apply online to intermediaries. Please read the privacy policy carefully. There may be nothing of data transfer outside of the pure credit procedure.

Real small loan without Private credit – the offer

The real offer for small loans without Private credit is clearly outlined. The bank awards three variants of small loans. Only one loan agreement per borrower is allowed. 3.500 euros of foreign credit without Private credit or 5,000 euros of Private credit-free microcredit should be applied for. Maximum, however, 7,500 euros credit. The repayment is made in equal monthly installments.

All loans are designed for 40 repayment months. Deviations are neither possible with the loan amount nor the term. The most important offer relates to the credit check. The bank checks the loan request without involving Private credit. In addition, they do not report approved credit to the Private credit, but the complete Private credit exclusion is advantageous if a negative entry is still pending.

Unlike the credit despite Private credit from Germany, the outstanding entry is no knockout reason for the small loan without Private credit.

Who is the bank aimed at?

No bank in Europe still offers the “risk loan of the past” today. The reason is international agreements. Each bank is considered “systemically relevant”. Accordingly, it may only grant secure credit. The statutory credit check for small loans without Private credit is a case-by-case examination. Target group are people whose credit problem is the negative Private credit entry.

Other than advertising suggests, non-credit-based credit is certainly not a credit-free credit. Provide proof of creditworthiness only to dependent employees. Small loans without Private credit are secured exclusively through an income transfer. In case of a problem, the bank seizes the attachable part of the wages.

Neither guarantors nor minorities can support the loan request.

Credit check without Private credit – what is being tested?

Credit check without Private credit - what is being tested?

The application for a small loan without Private credit is a “loan application”. In contrast to the usual online loan, the application is immediately binding. The bank primarily requires an open-ended, non-terminated employment contract outside the probationary period. Depending on the loan amount, the employment relationship has to last for different lengths of time “without interruption”.

  • 3,500 euros loan = 12 months
  • 5,000 euros loan = 36 months
  • 7,500 euros credit = 48 months

Make a loan application The income level is also checked. But not absolutely, but depending on the loan amount and existing maintenance obligations. More on that later. The bank also asks for the public debtor directory. Not the Private credit, but the debtor list of the district court. There may not be any entries there. (Affidavit, arrest warrant or bankruptcy).

In addition, the application for a small loan without Private credit checks that the income is available. This means that there is no wage garnishment or the income has already been assigned. Existing debts must be in “reasonable” relation to income.

Application requirements in the overview

An application for a small loan without Private creditprüfung may ask:

  • Applicants over 18 years and under 62 years
  • Interested parties only with permanent employment contract
  • Employees with a secure social security income
  • there is no seizure or income assignment
  • Only healthy applicants are allowed (10 sick or accident days)
  • There is no over-indebtedness
  • The employment contract is indefinite and outside the probationary period
  • The employment relationship has existed for at least 12, 36 or 48 months


An application may be made by people who are likely to be able to afford their small loan without Private credit. They are young, healthy and fully able to work. Your job is safe. They deserve good. Current debt mountains do not threaten their solvency. Their only real credit problem is the negative Private credit, basically not the target audience that responds to auspicious slogans.

3,500 euros Private creditfreier small loan – proof of income

3,500 euros Private creditfreier small loan - proof of income

Only the net income counts for the credit evaluation. Unnecessary income, such as child support or childcare allowance, does not count. How high the minimum income must be exactly, is determined by the maintenance obligations of the applicant. For bachelors without children, a proof of income of 1,150 euros net per month is sufficient.

3500 Euro small loan without Private credit with a maintenance obligation is from a monthly net income of 1,600 euros grants. For two dependent persons, the requirement increases to 1,850 euros net. If three maintenance obligations are to be taken into account, the target is € 2,150. With four maintenance obligations finally 2,500 euros net or more.

Statistically, 3.500 euro small loan without Private credit is the most common credit model.

5,000 euros without Private credit income

With 5,000 euros of debt-free microcredit, the minimum income requirements increase. Bachelors without a maintenance obligation should earn at least € 1,600 net per month. The minimum net income for a dependent person rises to € 1,900 net per month. For the next stage, applicants with two maintenance obligations, it is 2,250 euros net salary per month.

If three dependent persons are to be considered, the proof of income must reach € 2,600. Last but not least again with four maintenance obligations. In this case, the bank requires a monthly salary payment of 3,200 euros net. If more dependent persons are to be considered, the bank will gladly communicate the exact number.

7,500 Euro small loan without Private credit – salary statement

With the Private credit small loan over 7,500 euros, the maximum loan amount is reached. Applicants without maintenance obligations must earn at least 1,800 euros net per month. With a dependent, the requirement rises to 2,100 euros net earnings. With two maintenance obligations, this time it’s going up by 400 euros. Specifically, to 2,500 euros net earnings.

With three dependents, the requirement for the minimum monthly net increases to 2,900 euros. Finally, four maintenance obligations again. 7,500 euro small loan without Private credit would be possible in this case from a monthly net income of 3,400 euros. The figures apply to the initial application as well as to the credit increase of existing credit.

Alternatives – Credit from Germany

It can be seen that the requirements for applicants are relatively high in Private credit-free loans. Also exposed as a lie is advertising that promises a credit without credit rating from abroad. At the same time, there are unexpected opportunities for qualified applicants. If the negative entry is marked as “settled”, credit is eligible despite Private credit from Germany.

Despite Private credit means that the negative entry does not automatically lead to credit rejection. Instead of small loans without Private credit, for example, the “extra credit” could be applied for. With regard to the effective annual interest, the saving is only modest. But, the installment loan is usually flexible. The term is again freely selectable. In addition, the individually required loan amount can be applied for.

Even additional protection by tangible assets or a guarantor would be permissible. Another alternative to small loans without Private credit could be the loan from private. The loan application is possible despite Private credit on the two leading credit portals..

In short – Private credit free small loan

In short - Private credit free small loan

Loan offers with negative Private credit are limited to special loans. In doing so, the advertising likes to give the impression of being creatively fulfilling every wish. A close look at the real microcredit without Private credit shows a different picture. Instead of unlimited risk, the foreign credit reveals itself as a “very conservative” checked loan offer.

Full credit for everyone, strict rules are the scepter of the credit check. Small credit without Private credit offers a real credit chance. But only for applicants who can afford their credit safely and prove this beyond any doubt. Basically the same target group that could also borrow from Germany despite Private credit.

Why prefer Private credit?

Small credit despite Private credit proves in many cases to be advantageous over the small loan without Private credit.Although the notice of execution lenders from Germany even moderate.

Compare yourself. Simply call up the application conditions for the extra loan. Compare the requirements with the debt-free loan of Sigma Kreditbank.

Decide afterwards whether the small loan without Private credit from abroad is really optimally suited for you.