About Us

David Krauter - Web Design Company CEOWebsites That Sell is a web design company made up of a mixture of talented marketers, designers and developers. What brings all of us together is the need for us to combine our talents and create Websites That Sell!

A Web Design Agency With A Difference!

Websites That Sell, is a web design company founded by David Krauter in 2013. After seeing a big need for business owners to start making their website pay rather than just creating brochure sites which never give them a solid return on investment.

What Makes David Qualified To Head This Organisation?

David cut his teeth on emotional direct response marketing back in 2007. And ever since then he’s stuffed his brain with marketing, copywriting, sales and conversion strategy info.

But the big breakthrough came after applying, testing and putting his eduction to work in real world campaigns.

You see talk doesn’t get you far when you’re working alongside some of Australia’s big marketers like Mal Emery, Pat Mesiti, Greg Milner, Kate Engler and Pete Godfrey.

In David’s own words… “When you work with players like that you’ve got to deliver work which brings in immediate money.. otherwise you don’t last.

And that’s the philosophy David has applied to Websites That Sell as well.

Our Philosophy – Your Competitive Advantage!

It’s what gives you the edge over all your competitors… Imagine being able to draw upon hundreds of real world tested campaigns and website concepts. Having access to a vault of marketing ideas, internet strategies and website sales funnels packed to the bring… And having the ability to hand pick the strategies proven to work and bring in the cash every time.

That’s exactly what our clients get to enjoy! (see case studies here)

Our Vision For You

To use our experience, wide range of talents and resources to always deliver websites that sell. To create web properties with a strategy and objective which delivers leads, customers and increased profits.


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